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Meraki is your all-in-one Music Distribution & Marketing Platform built by Artists, for Artists

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Meraki makes your distribution effortless

Access Spotify Discovery Mode

All tracks uploaded through Meraki are eligible for powerful discovery tools offered by streaming platforms, like Spotify Discovery Mode. Today, that’s the #1 way to get your music to new people. With us, you get the best chance to get in, automatically, for all your tracks.

Publish to 100+ Platforms

Meraki automates distributing your music on more than 100+ stores worldwide. We take care of generating barcodes, ISRC codes, and other boring parts of the process. Meantime, you cut the time you spend on distribution from dozens of hours to minutes.

Reach Billions Of Fans

Some markets are hard to get into for indie musicians, but can make a real difference in your career. For example Peloton, Boomplay in Africa or Tencent, a Chinese platforms that counts more than 500 million users, and they’re hungry for new music. Meraki gives you access to billions of people with a single click.

Automated Royalty Splits

You can set up automatic splits between the members of your band, your manager, and so on. There are no additional fees: you get 100% of your royalties.

Meraki Elevates your marketing

Free Smart Links

Every time you release new music, Meraki generates a smart links for all your tracks, automatically emailed to you. Cut out all the time it takes to set up your sharing links.

Automatic Pre-Saves

Get a Free Pre-Save link every time you upload new music automatically sent to your inbox. Collect Fans e-mails and own your Data.

Access All Analytics In One Place

The first step when growing your Fanbase is knowing your audience. Access analytics including TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon, Pandora & deezer all from your Meraki Dashboard. We exclusively offer these insights, instantly in one place.

Here’s what our artists have to say about Meraki


“Meraki has been a game changer for my Music, they got me added to 2 Official Spotify playlist and took my EP to over half a million streams and the team has been super supportive and helpful!”



“Meraki has been the key! Highly recommend them, they always hit me back right away and helped me take my music to new heights with Marketing help and they got me Verified and I’m beyond grateful! Wouldn’t rock with anyone else”

Ivan BrooksSinger/Songwriter

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For a limited time, you can get a 1 year subscription to Meraki with unlimited track uploads for only $47 – all-inclusive, No hidden fees! Oh, and there are special bonuses too

Bonus 1

3 Month Free SmartNoise Pro ($147 Value)

Get 3 months of Smart Noise Pro, the premium marketing platform for indie artists — and start growing your fanbase with its powerful Spotify Lifetime Pre-Saves, advertising playbooks, and more. [$147 VALUE]

Bonus 2

20% OFF That Pitch 

Get a 20% discount coupon for That Pitch, a platform that helps your music get exciting licensing oportunities — opening up a whole new way for you to monetize your work! [$100 SAVINGS]

Bonus 3

Access to Helios Streaming

Get access to Helios Streaming, the innovative green blockchain streaming service. Currently in closed access, if you publish with Meraki you can be among the first artists to land on this new platform.

Sign Up Risk-Free

We know that Meraki is the best way for indie artists to distribute their music, that’s why we make it risk-free. If you sign up, try it out, and decide it’s not for you, then you have 30 days to get your money back, no questions asked!

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